"Well, I'm not expert when it comes to workout gear or weight lifting belts. I've only been at this weight lifting stuff for 6 months, prior to that it was mostly cardio/workout DVDs at home. So after getting into a good routine and with a group of guys who have been at this for a while, it was recommended I get a belt for safety as well as assisting with keeping the core tight with certain exercises.
I must say so far I've been really happy with this belt!! The difference with and without this belt during my workouts was immediately noticeable. It fits well, seems to be made of quality material that will last.

I typically update my reviews as my opinion of the product changes. So be on the lookout for any future updates I may have. At this point, I highly recommend this belt to anyone who's in the market."
- Robert23d
5mm Black Leather Belt
"If you are into weight lifting, especially doing heavy compound lifts like squat and deadlift, you need this. It will save your back from pain. The price is 1/3 of what you would pay at a store for a similar belt. Very high quality. I am 5'8 180 lbs. measuring 35 inches at the belly button and I got a small, perfect size, this thing is meant to be tight on you while lifting to protect your lower back. I would definitely recommend it."
- RR22
Black Neoprene Back Support Belt
"I ordered this belt and it's a fantastic weightlifting belt. I did a lot of research and came to the conclusion that I wanted a 4" belt with a single clasp (vs. the double clasps that you more commonly see) because it's easier to get on and off, and the double clasp doesn't provide any added benefit. Enjoy and good luck!"
- D. Schift
10mm Single Prong Black Suede Leather Belt